August 16, 2014

Masonic Generals of the Oklahoma National Guard: 1894-1965

This book is a collection of biographical sketches of the Adjutants General of the Oklahoma National Guard and Commanding Generals of the 45th Infantry Division who also held membership in the Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma.

Chocked full of photos, the book chronicles the lives and careers of the nine Adjutants General and six Commanding Generals of the 45th from 1894 to 1965 who were Freemasons.

Proceeds benefit the museum of the McAlester Scottish Rite Valley.

Available here from Lulu.

The general officers considered:

The Adjutant General
Philip C. Rosenbaum
Alva J. Niles
Frank M. Canton
Ancel S. Earp
Ennis H. Gipson
Charles F. Barrett
Baird H. Markham
Louis A. Ledbetter
Roy W. Kenny

The 45th Infantry Division
Baird H. Markham
Roy V. Hoffman
William S. Key
James C. Styron
Hal L. Muldrow, Jr.
Frederick A. Daugherty

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