April 11, 2019

The Grand High Priests of Oklahoma Royal Arch Masonry: Their Final Resting Places

Past Grand High Priest Jewel of Frank Smith, c.1930
(From the collections of the McAlester Scottish Rite) 

While recently working on a collection of biographical sketches of the men who have held the office of Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons of Oklahoma, I found myself frequently visiting two websites, Ancestry and Find A Grave. This inspired me to use one of the features available on Find A Grave called “Virtual Cemetery.”

As I edited the biographical sketches for publication, I uploaded portraits of each Grand High Priest and added them to a new virtual cemetery so future generations would have this information available in one location. While not all final resting places of each Grand High Priest are known, over 100 were identified. To visit the virtual cemetery, please click the link below.

Additionally, the published collection of biographical sketches of Grand High Priests is now available for $30. Please click the below image to purchase a copy.


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